Dear AASP Members,

I am pleased to announce the second collaborative meeting of AASP Research Collaborative Meeting Series to promote collaborations among Asian social psychologists and nurture young researchers.

This collaborative research meeting on polyculturalism will be hosted by Prof. Allan Bernardo on April 17 (Monday). It will have three main parts. The first and longest part will be a review of the theoretical premises and a survey empirical work on polyculturalism, including Prof. Bernardo’s current work on studying dimensions of polyculturalism. The second part will highlight attempts to study polyculturalism in applied domains, such as organizational behavior, global citizenship education, and youth development to broaden the range of possible research collaborations. In the final part, participants will be engaged in a brainstorming and planning discussion on possible research questions and projects for possible collaborative research.

We look forward to your active participation.

Best regards,

Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, Ph.D.


Asian Association of Social Psychology