AASP 2025 Conference, Monash University Malaysia

The AASP 2025 conference will be held at Monash University Malaysia from July 10 to July 12, 2025. Please stay tuned for more updates!


AASP 2023 Conference, July 13-15, 2023, Hong Kong

At the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, “Asian Social Psychology in the Face of Global Challenges: Achievements and Opportunities” was hosted in hybrid mode by the Department of Psychology at the Education University of Hong Kong from July 13-15, 2023. Far exceeding attendance expectations, a total of 685 registered participants attended (~30% online) from a total of 33 countries/regions. The conference was preceded by the highly appreciated AASP Summer School that attracted 44 students from 14 countries/regions, all held on the bucolic-yet-modern campus of the Education University of Hong Kong.

The conference showcased an enormous diversity of presentations, with the high quality commented on by many attendees. In addition to a support team of staff and professors from EdUHK, an amazing 27 student volunteers made the hybrid mode possible, with sessions simultaneously held in-person and live-streamed on Whova/Zoom in 8 hybrid-ready lecture halls. A total of 544 speakers took part, including three lunchtime sessions of 162 poster presentations (one session held on Gathertown), 293 individual oral presentations organized into 69 paper sessions, and 34 symposia including Meet the Editors, Featured Organizations, and Conference Theme. Over the three days of conference, we also enjoyed three Keynotes by five Keynote Speakers; two Award Addresses; and the Presidential Address, as well as significant Opening and Closing Ceremonies, where a MOU with the Vietnam Association of Psychology was signed. A Gala Dinner, accompanied by a live performance of traditional Chinese music, and an opening Lion Dance– both performances supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board– were also enjoyed.

Attendees commented on the warm, collegial, and inclusive culture of the conference, which we believe is the distinctive feature of AASP conferences. We look forward to the 2025 conference in Malaysia!

AASP 2023: Conference Report

AASP 2023: Website 


AASP 2021 Conference, July 29-31, 2021, Seoul

The 14th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology: “Social Psychology of Intergroup Conflict: Towards Peace and Reconciliation in Asia” was held as a virtual conference from July 29 to July 31, 2021. A total of 534 registered participants attended the conference via Whova and Zoom meeting rooms. Conference staffs were located in Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea, and assisted session chairs and presenters during the rehearsal (July 22 – July 24) and the main conference.

During the conference, 76 parallel sessions including 278 oral presentations and 100 poster presentations were delivered by researchers from 27 countries/regions. Special/Invited sessions included 5 keynote presentations, 8 featured presentations, 30 presentations at the 8 featured symposia sessions, the “Meet the AJSP Editors” session (Host: Dr. Kim-Pong Tam, AJSP Editor-inChief), and the M. H. Bond Award presentation (winner: Dr. Alex English, Research fellow at Zhejiang University).

AASP 2021: Conference Report

AASP 2021: Website


AASP 2019 Conference, July 11-13, 2019, Taipei

The 13th Conference of AASP was held at Academia Sinica, Taiwan (July 11-13, 2019) on the theme “Consolidating the future of Culture-Oriented Psychology: Progress and achievements”. It was a well attended conference with more than 600
delegates from across 20 countries in attendance. The conference was supported financially by the Academia Sinica and Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology. During the conference about 400 oral presentations were made that included around 70 symposiums and almost 120 posters.

AASP 2019: Conference Report

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