Meeting Theme: Diversity in Wisdom: Insights from Psychology

In the face of pressing issues such as global warming, economic recession, political unrest, and social inequality, the world requires more wisdom. However, despite 40 years of scientific research, what is wisdom, and how to cultivate wisdom, is still not fully understood. Early psychological wisdom research explored implicit and explicit wisdom, which laid the foundation for the later measurement models. There are cultural differences in the cognition of wisdom. Wisdom theories differ dramatically across cultures and subcultures, and even from person to person, depending on characteristics such as sex, age, and level of education. Exploring diversity and determinants of wisdom theories remain an important task for wisdom researchers. Also, exploring the wisdom under the oriental cultural background can infuse vigor and vitality into the research of wisdom psychology.

We recently started to send the MWP2018 Newsletter periodically. The outline of MWP 2018 is as follows. The Small Group Meeting of Wisdom Psychology 2018 (MWP 2018) will be held in Nanjing, China from November 3rd (Saturday) to November 4th (Sunday) 2018.

The meeting welcomes psychological research contributions from different fields of wisdom, and especially those from places that have fewer opportunities to participate in such meetings and projects. Keynote addresses, invited addresses, and invited symposia will represent most regions of wisdom psychology. If your abstract is selected, the meeting will not charge a registration fee.

The deadline for abstract submission for EARLY REVIEW is July 15th, 2018. Regular abstract submission and congress registration will open on August 1st, 2018. Send your abstract to: .

The forthcoming newsletter will contain more information about the meeting, such as Keynote Addresses, the details of the Young Scholar Academic Grant, social events, etc. Therefore, please do not miss out on the next edition of the newsletter. We look forward to welcoming you in Nanjing, China.

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The MWP 2018 Organizing Committee