Members Intranet

Welcome to the members area. This is the place for you to interact with other AASP members. Chat with other members, participate in online forums and upload your latest research and articles for other members to read.

The intranet also gives you access to digital files of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology (AJSP) and the Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology (JPRP). To access these journals click on the links below. 



Keep your contact details updated

In the top banner above the AASP logo panel you’ll see menu items linking you to your membership and contact information and publications you’ve uploaded. When you keep your details updated you keep us informed which makes it easier for us to keep in contact. This is also important if you have subscribed to the print version of the AJSP as we may need to alert Wiley to any postal address changes.

Membership renewal

You will receive an email alert when your membership is due for renewal. Simply login and click on My Details. Update your details if necessary and following the steps in the form to renew your membership.