Professor Fang Wang



Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Phone:   +86 10 5880 2101




Fang Wang is a Professor of Social Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology at Beijing Normal University. She currently severs as the Secretary General of Chinese Association of Social Psychology.

Research Interests

  • Residential mobility
  • Dark Triad traits
  • Online social behavior

Recent Publications

Huang, N., Zuo, S., *Wang, F., Cai, P., & Wang, F. (2017) The Dark Side of Malleability: Incremental Theory Promotes Immoral Behaviors. Frontiers in Psychology, 8:1341.

Zuo, S., Wang, S., *Wang, F., Shi, X. (2017). The behavioural paths to wellbeing: an exploratory study to distinguish between hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing from an activity perspective. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 11(e2): 1-13.

Zuo, S., *Wang, F., Xu, Y., Wang, F., & Zhao, X. (2016). The fragile but bright facet in the dark gem: narcissism positively predicts personal morality when individual’s self-esteem is at low level. Personality & Individual Differences, 97, 272-276.

*Wang, F., & Sun, X. (2015). Absolute power leads to absolute corruption? Impact of power on corruption depending on the concepts of power one holds. European Journal of Social Psychology, 46(1), 77–89.

Gu, D., Huang, N., Zhang, M., & *Wang, F. (2015). Under the dome: air pollution, wellbeing, and pro-environmental behaviour among Beijing residents. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 9 (2): 65-77.