Professor, Business Administration

Inha University
Incheon, South Korea

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Ph.D., Seoul, Korea 

Institutional Affiliations

Professor, Inha University, Incheon, South Korea


Uichol Kim is the IFP Distinguished professor at the College of Business Administration, Inha University, Incheon, Korea.

He has taught at Chung-Ang University (1995-2005) and University of Hawaii at Manoa (1988-1994). He has specialized in the area of indigenous and cultural psychology and published over 120 articles and 15 books, including Indigenous psychologies (Sage, 1993), Individualism and collectivism (Sage, 1994), Good government (NIAS Press, 2002), Democracy, human rights and Islam in Modern Iran (Fagbokforlaget, 2003) and Indigenous and cultural psychology (2006, Springer).

He has conducted research in the area of family and parent-child relationship, education attainment and school violence, organizational culture and change, health and subjective well-being, and democracy, human rights and political culture. He has also taught at University of Tokyo, Japan, Xiamen University, China, University of Stockholm, Sweden, University of Konstanz, Germany, Warsaw School of Advanced Social Psychology, Poland, University of Bergen and University of Tromso, Norway, and he was a visiting professor at Stanford University.

He has provided consulting services for governmental agencies and multi-national companies in Canada, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA. He is the founding editor of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

Research Interests

  • Indigenous psychology
  • Socialization, parent-child relationship and self
  • Academic achievement and school violence
  • Health and illness
  • Political culture 

Selected publications

Kim, U., Yang, K. S., & Hwang, K. K. (in press). Indigenous and cultural psychology: Understanding people in context. New York: Springer.

Kim, U., Aasen, H. S., & Ebadi, S. (2003). Democracy, human rights, and Islam in modern Iran: Psychological, social and cultural perspectives. Bergen: Fagbokforlaget.

Kim, U., Park, Y. S., Kwon, Y. E., & Koo, J. S. (2005). Values of children, parent-child relationship, and social change in Korea: Indigenous, psychological, and cultural analysis. Applied Psychology: International Review, 54, 313-316.

Kim, U., Helgesen, & Ahn, B. M. (2002). Democracy, trust, and political efficacy: Comparative analysis of Danish and Korean political culture. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 51(2), 317-352.

Kim, U., & Park, Y. S. (2005). Integrated analysis of indigenous psychologies: Comments and extensions of ideas presented by Shams, Jackson, Hwang and Kashima. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 8(1), 75-95.